Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KRG Not Implicated In 'Old Art Scam'

To set the record straight: Various defamatory remarks posted online about Kinsman Robinson Galleries (KRG) are absolutely untrue. It's unfortunate that these individuals—who are pursuing their own interests—have chosen a public forum to discuss this matter. Make no mistake, KRG are taking active steps to deal with this issue. KRG stands behind the art that it sells with an unblemished record over 30 years in the art business.
Don Robinson is regarded as one of the most important dealers in Norval Morrisseau's art in Canada. Mr. Robinson has been qualified as an expert witness in Federal Court with respect to the artworks by Norval Morrisseau. Don has authored three separate expert reports concerning the authenticity of 'alleged Morrisseau paintings', several of which were recently relied upon during Superior Court proceedings in Ontario. KRG had a bona fide relationship with Norval Morrisseau over the last two decades of the artist's life. Read the original article published in the February 14, 2007 edition of The Globe And Mail that blew the whistle on fake Morrisseaus. Click on article to enlarge.
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  1. People are quick to forget that Norval Morrisseau himself declared specific paintings to be forgeries in sworn affidavits several years before he died.

  2. I second that. Lest they forget that the master himself has said what was regarded as fake. It's easy math folks. Trying to re-write Norval Morrisseau history is not in the cards. Nice try though...ya right.



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