Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morrisseau Defends Against Fraud

On Wednesday, Oct 24, 2007, the Toronto Sun newspaper published an article which chronicles Norval Morrisseau's final efforts to defend himself—his reputation and his market—against widespread fraudulent activities. The iconic Canadian painter had already established a home base in the GTA and Morrisseau was preparing to face the forgery issue head-on in the Ontario Courts when his life ended suddenly after he suffered complications from Parkinson's. Two years prior to the Sun article, Letters Patent were issued on Thursday, Oct 27, 2005 as Morrisseau moved to establish the NORVAL MORRISSEAU HERITAGE SOCIETY (NMHS) as the single authority to create a catalogue raisonnĂ© (a comprehensive research database) which will document his works in order to preserve the artist's legacy. Since Morrisseau's death, several Society members either have been sued (unsuccesfully—the suit was dismissed with costs to the defendant) or have succumbed to the threat by those making a concerted effort to suppress the truth about the lack of genuineness or authenticity of purported Morrisseau works. Click on article to enlarge.
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