Thursday, February 10, 2011

'First Nations Drum' Covers Forgery Issue

In an article from Feb 2010, titled "Norval Morrisseau Legacy Tainted By Forgery" published by First Nations Drum (billed as "Canada's National Native Newspaper"), Frank Larue writes:
"Unfortunately, Norval Morrisseau’s body of work is now being defamed by painters of low character attempting to cash in on his reputation by selling paintings that are fakes. Norval’s death has opened the door for a group of frauds who are producing forgeries done in Norval’s style and selling them as originals ... The Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society, an association responsible for putting the stamp of authenticity on Norval’s work, has issued warnings about the Morrisseau forgeries popping up everywhere. The Art Dealers Association of Canada has stopped issuing certificates of authenticity for any paintings credited to Norval Morrisseau ... John O’Brian, professor of Fine Arts at UBC, doesn’t see the controversy ending soon. 'There are too many forgeries and the problem has become too wide spread.' The number of forgeries emerging now threatens not only to damage the reputation of the artist but also to jeopardize his legacy."
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