Friday, February 4, 2011

Susan Ross' Instrumental Role

In an excerpt from Pollock's memoir titled Dear M, Jack recalls how he met Morrisseau with the help of Susan Ross: "The first stop was Port Arthur, where I met a wonderful lady named Susan Ross, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, married to a judge, James Ross. She used to go live on reserves and do portraits and drawings of Indian life. She kept telling me about this Indian who painted on birch bark ... Susan Ross had come to Beardmore for some extra classes with me and her friend Sheila Burnford, who wrote The Incredible Journey, which Disney made into a film, had come along for the fun. They drove me to Norval's house the next day." (ISBN 0-7710-7027-6 Courtesy McClelland & Stewart, 1989) Pictured: Morrisseau's Sacred Trout Through The Portal of Time (1978) Acrylic on masonite 23x31.5inches, 58.42x80.01cm Provenance: Private collection, Ontario, Collection of Susan A. Ross, C.M., The Pollock Gallery, Toronto.
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  1. In 2001, then-Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson presented the Order of Canada to Susan Ross in Thunder Bay. Meeting Morrisseau caused Ross to reexamine her own subject matter since it was Norval who encouraged her to paint the Aboriginal people of Northwestern Ontario.


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