Friday, April 22, 2011

Set the Record Straight - Otavnik v. Sinclair

KRG would like to independently correct Mr. Matulic's inaccurate comment about settling the Otavnik matter by pointing out that Mr. Otavnik agreed that he had no valid claim against KRG and agreed to dismiss his lawsuit against KRG without any payment of any kind by KRG and that, as part of the settlement, Mr. Otavnik signed a release confirming that KRG's settlement was not any sort of admission of liability.
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  1. Excellent Job KRG. Time & time again you continue to set the record straight. It is with great pride and joy that I see an outstanding gallery like yours stand up for the truth. Your gallery is the benchmark in how to look after their artists. It is actions like yours that prove to be much louder than words. Thank you for helping to continue in leading the way.

    With much gratitude and respect.........MAJ.......2011


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