Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Handwritten Notes by Norval Morrisseau

Handwritten notes by Norval Morrisseau offer tell-tale signs of authenticity. The story goes something like this: It was spring 1973 and Alfred worked at Walkey's Drug Store in Kenora as the pharmacist. He had married the town's head librarian, Rosellyn, in 1969. They both knew Norval Morrisseau and would lend him a few dollars from time to time, which he would repay either with a small drawing or cash, when he had it. Rosellyn would chat with Norval while he sat on the library steps creating his art. Alfred and Rosellyn became very fond of Morrisseau's artwork and various pieces hung in their homes in Kenora, Sarnia and Dunnville. After Rosellyn passed away, Alfred moved back to Kenora where his Norval Morrisseaus hung in his living room. Click on note to enlarge.
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