Friday, June 3, 2011

Morrisseau: the Documentary Evidence

Case in point: Here's an example of solid documentary evidence for Norval Morrisseau which gives a provenanced artwork its pedigree. The above image is a piece of corrugated cardboard that was used as backing material by the original framer—pretty much standard practice at the time. On closer inspection, it tells a detailed story of authenticity.  Fig. A is the label that was removed from the old frame which states: "Framed by Marko Studio, Thunder Bay "P', Ontario".  Fig. B is the postage meter label from Toronto, Ontario dated "30 III '70" or 30 Mar 1970 that was attached to the original corrugated box (from which this backing was cut) and sent by moulding manufacturer, Artistic Woodwork Co.  Fig. C is the handwritten address label marked: "Sold To Marko Studio, 9 S Cumberland St, Thunder Bay, Ont". The artwork that came out of this frame is an original acrylic on paper by Norval Morrisseau dated 1969, of Thunder Bay origin, which was restored, reframed and sold during KRG's 2010 Retrospective—it came with incontrovertible proof of authenticity.  Click on image to enlarge.
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