Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Caregivers 'n More for Morrisseau

Gabe and Michele Vadas essentially provided Norval with the seeds of family rejuvenation. Contrary to the rumours and wild conspiracy theories, Norval Morrisseau wasn't "kept under guard, with no visitors allowed" nor was he "deliberately isolated" from his adult children. I'm told there was one instance when Morrisseau’s youngest son, Christian, showed up at the nursing home unannounced and he was turned away until staff okayed it with Gabe. Gabe explained that his instruction wasn't an attempt to keep Norval away from family. He made the request because a former friend previously had shown up unannounced and Norval became very afraid at the time. In my opinion, the Vadases took great pains to care for and protect Norval in a tender and loving way in every instance I've witnessed. Photo: Michele Vadas tends to Norval at the nursing home in Nanaimo (Sep 2004). Photograph © Roberts Studios Inc, 2004. Read more »
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  1. Just a short note here to say that indeed the Vadas family were impeccable with regard to caring for Norval. I know, I saw it first hand time and time again upon every single visit I had with Norval.....cheers, MAJ


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