Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Major Norval Morrisseau Exhibition To Open

KRG will announce a major new exhibition of Norval Morrisseau in the coming week. Opening on November 19, the exhibition will showcase rare, early works on paper and birch bark. The core of this collection is coming to KRG from two private collectors and patrons of Norval Morrisseau during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Stay tuned for more exciting details.
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  1. This certainly sounds like an excellent event. I sure bet that the provenance for all these "earlier works" will be iron clad and bonafide 100%. It's great to know that there are actual galleries like KRG out there who now entirely understand the word "authentic". Keep up the great work and efforts. All my relations........MAJ

  2. Thanks for your praise Mark. Not only are we offering exceptional provenances, but the price points for this exhibition are exceedingly affordable. Remember, Morrisseau artworks from the early/mid 1960s are becoming evermore challenging to track down, hence rarer and pricier in general. Exceptional Morrisseau artwork is also proving to be a solid investment.


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