Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Norval Morrisseau - Early Paper & Birch Bark

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to view our upcoming exhibition, Norval Morrisseau: Early Paper & Birch Bark, opening on Saturday, November 19 and continuing until December 17. This exhibition features 9 especially rare, early inks on birch bark and 14 rare, early pencil crayons on Gestetner paper, each circa 1966.

The majority of these exhibition works came to KRG from the heirs of two private collectors and patrons  Alfred Sawkins who lived in Kenora and Walter Ard who lived in Red Lake, both having acquired their artwork directly from Norval Morrisseau. Notable subject matter includes Bear Walker, Fox And Fish Theme, Lord Of The Water World, Mystical Thunderbird, c. 1960-64 and Ojibwa Midawiin Sacred Bear, c. 1959-62.

Please treat yourself to yet another outstanding exhibition by Norval Morrisseau — the iconic Canadian artist whose symbols and enduring artwork are synonymous with Canada's national identity.

Paul Robinson, Director
Twitter | kinsmanrobinson.com


  1. awesome!!! I am looking forward to this event!
    cheers and every good blessing

  2. We’re equally excited Don. The artwork is now on preview, both online and at the gallery later this aft’n. My advice: If you’re interested in buying, don’t wait until opening day.

  3. I just had a look at the collection of "old school" Morrisseau's....wow. Absolutely fantastic collection there KRG. Im sure you guys are going to have huge success. A special thank you to Don, Paul, John and Diane and the rest of the staff. Keep on the firing lines of life sharing the treasures of authentic Norval Morrisseau art, many do appreciate your continued efforts in helping to clean up the market.

    Blessings all around.........MAJ....2011

  4. Thank you Mark for your heartfelt support. This Morrisseau exhibit promises to be one of KRG's finest.


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