Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sold-Out Morrisseau Exhibit Opens Today

Today marks the opening of one of the most important Morrisseau art exhibits in 2011, Norval Morrisseau: Early Paper & Birch Bark, at Kinsman Robinson Galleries in Toronto. KRG is a leading gallery in Morrisseau art. Art gallery co-founder, Don Robinson, is regarded as one of the foremost dealers in Norval Morrisseau's art in Canada. KRG's distinguished clientele include the Royal Ontario Museum and The National Gallery of Canada. A number of Morrisseau artworks in public collections are certified as being of "outstanding significance" to Canada's national heritage. Although the exhibition is sold out, collectors will be pleased to know that a few carefully chosen last-minute additions — with the coveted and guaranteed 'Pollock Gallery' provenance — will be made available. We invite you to visit our gallery to view this exceptional collection of Morrisseau art.
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  1. Canadian art certified by CCPERB as being of “outstanding significance and national importance” that is donated to an approved institution can result in a tax credit that can offset up to 100 percent of the donor’s net income (as opposed to 75 percent for ordinary charitable donations) and is not subject to any capital gains tax. Addt'l info on CRA's website,, search "IT110R3 Gifts and Official Donation Receipts".

  2. Thanks for the hospitality and great insights! This was a gem of a show.

  3. Thank you for making the trek Don. (I think you'll especially enjoy reading the bit about our rediscovery of the early Huron village sites.)


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