Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Morrisseau Archive Footage, 1967

Here's some early CBC archive footage of Norval Morrisseau at age 37 filmed on location in Beardmore, Ontario during 1967.
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  1. This video is of superb quality. I was shown this before it was launched on the inter-net last week. I loved it. I gave it a thumbs up bigtime. Infact, the quality is so good that during Norval's explanations, you can here the Mosquitos up there in the north....hahaha.

    As many know, the legend of Norval Morrisseau cannot die. It shall shine for more than the 200 years he talked about as him being the cornerstone. The foundation stone are the ancestors and legends that came before him, the keystone is the evidence of what he created in the woodland art movement, the many hundreds and hundreds of artists who throughout 3 generations and counting, have been blessed by the inventor of this form of art by Copper Thunderbird. This movement will continue forward, regardless of those who try to deny it or attempt to re-create either Norval's history, or those of us who are its present, and it's future.....always and for-ever including the master....in my friend and mentor in Norval Morrisseau.....all my relations..........MAJ.....2012

    P.S. - This video is a Great piece of history, thanks for sharing KRG.


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