Friday, March 23, 2012

Morrisseau's Painting Bear & Fish Harmony

Bear & Fish Harmony, 1978 [SOLD]
Acrylic on paper, 17.5x23.5 in, 44.45x59.69 cm
Marked by its deft fluidity of line, this painting is a masterful portrayal of its genre. Sacred fish is seated diagonally atop sacred bear. The two are connected by communication lines as power lines emanate from the fish. Norval Morrisseau executed one of his universal themes at the height of his Pollock period: the interconnection of all creatures, and their dependence on each other for survival. According to Ojibwe lore, sacred fish (pointing right towards the future) is the vessel for carrying the soul to the afterlife while the spirits of their ancestors are said to inhabit the bear (pointing left towards the past).
Private Collection, Toronto
The Pollock Gallery, Toronto (label verso)
Acquired directly from the artist
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  1. A nice, neat interpretation of the artwork. Well said!


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