Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Famed Morrisseau graces Canadian Art mag

Norval Morrisseau's original painting titled, Nature's Balance, 1975 (acrylic on kraft paper, 73x48 in, 185.4x121.9 cm) is featured in a full-page ad in the Fall issue of Canadian Art magazine (hits newsstands Sep 15).  It announces KRG's upcoming Morrisseau exhibit, 2012 Retrospective, honouring 50 years of Morrisseau history, where the painting will be on public display.  It's been half a century since Norval Morrisseau burst onto the Canadian art scene with his first sold-out show at Toronto's Pollock Gallery in September 1962.  The art world changed forever the day Morrisseau first laid brush to canvas and began to paint the legends of his people.  He gave the next generation of indigenous artists a new mode of expression to call their own, based on the now famous pictographic style once referred to as "The new age of Indian art".
Provenance: Collection of Faith Sinclair, TorontoAcquired directly from the artist.  Reproduced: p. 114, Sinclair/Pollock, The Art of Norval Morrisseau. Toronto: Methuen Publications, 1979; p. 55, Carpenter, Carole, artmagazine (Nov/Dec 1979); Time magazine, 1975.
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