Friday, September 14, 2012

Honouring 50 years of Morrisseau history

Celebrate 50 years of Morrisseau history with the gallery that represented Norval Morrisseau and supported the artist during his lifetime. On view are several never-before-exhibited artworks from prominent Morrisseau collectors, including Lister Sinclair (who co-wrote the book, The Art of Norval Morrisseau), Edna Fulford (who ran the Beardmore lumber yard and hardware store), Walter Ard (who taught at the Red Lake School) and Robert Houle (who attended the Beardmore tea party). September 14, 2012 marks the 50-year anniversary of Jack Pollock's first sold-out exhibit which catapulted Morrisseau to international acclaim. Within the first three days, 28 paintings by Norval Morrisseau had been sold. Around the same time, self-taught archaeologist, ethnologist and author, Selwyn Dewdney wrote, "Norval's paintings have a passion, spontaneity and unpretentious simplicity that expose the emptiness of much contemporary painting." KRG's catalogued exhibition runs from Sep 15 to Oct 20, 2012.

Illustrated: Norval And Third Eye, 1976, Acrylic on canvas, 30x24 in, 76.2x60.96 cm. Provenance: Collection of Robert Houle, Toronto; Wells Gallery, Ottawa; The Pollock Gallery, Toronto; Acquired directly from the artist. Reproduced: p. 7, Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Norval Morrisseau 2012 Retrospective. Toronto, 2012. Exhibited: Norval Morrisseau 2012 Retrospective. Sep 15 - Nov 20, 2012, Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Toronto.
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  1. How goes the show?
    I've yet to make the trek to the city. But I do intend to take in the show.

  2. It's a success with 10 works already spoken for. Overall interest in quality artwork by Norval Morrisseau remains strong. Thanks for asking … Hola Maria!


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