Sunday, November 11, 2012

Norval Morrisseau Early Birch Bark, 1968

Norval Morrisseau
Untitled (Fish), 1968
Ink on birch bark
3.75x7.25in, 9.525x18.415cm
Provenance: Private collection, New Hampshire, U.S.; Acquired from the artist at Beardmore in 1968. Reproduced: p. 34,  Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Norval Morrisseau 2012 Retrospective. Toronto, 2012. Exhibited: Norval Morrisseau 2012 Retrospective. Sep 15 - Nov 20, 2012, Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Toronto.

"To the Indian a fish represents the human soul, one turns into a fish as the asteral (sic) body journeys into the land of his supernatural totemic existence; if it appears that he has pleased his ancestoral (sic) abode his place there will be forever..." - Norval Morrisseau
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