Friday, December 20, 2013

Art Theft Notice - Important Morrisseau Paintings Stolen

Norval Morrisseau
Inspiration Of Shaman Painter… His Family, 1996
Acrylic on canvas, 96x36 ins., 243.84x91.44 cms.
(first image and right-facing figures)
Unsigned and framed (diptych)
Norval Morrisseau
Shaman With Two Children, 1996
Acrylic on canvas, 96x36 ins., 243.84x91.44 cms.
(left-facing figure, two children)
Signed and framed (diptych)

»On December 18, 2013 at approximately 7:35 p.m., the above-described paintings by renowned Anishinabe artist Norval Morrisseau were reportedly stolen from a private residence in Tiny Township. OPP received a call from an alarm-monitoring station and responded to the scene within minutes of the break and enter according to the owner. Today, the paintings are valued in excess of $200,000. They were purchased by the present owner at Kinsman Robinson Galleries. Norval Morrisseau is an iconic Canadian artist whose symbols and enduring artwork have become synonymous with Canada's national identity. A number of Norval Morrisseau artworks in public collections are certified as being of "outstanding significance" to Canada's national heritage. If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of these paintings, please call police at 705-526-3761 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or send a tip online. Crime ref. : OPP13395779. This notice was circulated by the Executive Director to the member galleries of the Art Dealers Association of Canada on January 30, 2014.
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