Saturday, October 15, 2016

Morrisseau's Environmental Ethic

Norval Morrisseau
Interdependence Of Water Fowls With Fish, 1990
Acrylic on canvas
27.5x55 ins., 69.85x139.7 cms.

»Espousing an environmental ethic in his work, Norval Morrisseau spoke often of the natural balance found in nature, and illustrated the intricate bond of kinship that links all life. For Morrisseau the transformation of animals and humans indicates that the reality we know is constantly changing and not what it ostensibly appears to be. -Armand Ruffo

Provenance - Titled verso by the artist’s hand. Exhibited “Copper Thunderbird: The Legend” May 4-31, 1991, Kinsman Robinson Galleries; Private collection, Toronto; Kinsman Robinson Galleries; Acquired from the artist. To be included in the forthcoming exhibition - Norval Morrisseau 2016 Retrospective. 5th Installment - 5-26 November 2016
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