Thursday, October 3, 2019

Norval Morrisseau greets the art world in 1962

Broadcast Medium: Television
Program: Close-Up
Broadcast Date: Sept. 23, 1962
Host: J. Frank Willis
Interviewer: June Callwood
Guest:Norval Morrisseau
Duration: 12:42

From CBC Archives: "Shy and self-taught, Norval Morrisseau is an artist who's getting noticed with a highly successful first showing of his paintings at the Pollock Gallery in Toronto. Morrisseau, who comes from the remote Lake Nipigon area of northern Ontario, paints animals, nature and legends with a never-before-seen approach that will come to be known as "Woodlands style." In this 1962 conversation with Close-Up reporter June Callwood, Morrisseau explains how he came to have his powerful Ojibwa name "Copper Thunderbird," how he plans to spend some of the earnings for his sold-out show, and how he manages the confusion generated by his Catholic and native spiritual beliefs."

Screenshot of "Sacred Bear", 1962, Acrylic on paper, 20x28 ins. Reproduced during TV broadcast on Sept. 23, 1962, Close-Up, in conversation with reporter June Callwood.
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